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My name is Chrystie Cole. I started The Wholehearted Project because I want to help you live wholeheartedly, encountering the care of Christ in all that life brings—joy and sorrow, sin and suffering, beauty and brokenness.

I recently retired from my role as Women's Discipleship Advisor at a ten-campus church, where I spent thirteen years creating discipleship materials, teaching women the power and hope of the Scriptures, and advising national and international churches on discipleship issues.

In this second half of life, I am committed to creating biblically sound resources that equip you to engage the Scriptures, explore your story, encounter Jesus, and live wholeheartedly.

I am also committed to serving the local church through consulting, training, leadership development, and discipleship resources, equipping them to better care for and serve God’s people.

Whether you are looking to grow personally in your faith or you desire support for your church or organization, I want to serve you.

The psalmists have long provided us with a vision of wholehearted living. Both their songs of praise and their songs of lament are raw and unsanitized—unleashed from the depths of the human soul. And by this, they give us the gift of going first and permit us to be human.

The psalmists acknowledge our glory as men and women created in the image and likeness of our Creator. Still, they recognize our fallen nature as men and women fractured by sin and suffering. And in doing so, they give us words for repentance and lament, joy and sorrow, petitions and praise, fear and faith, doubt and devotion, beauty and brokenness. 

Whether you are in a place of deep gratitude or deep suffering, may this be a sacred place for you, holy ground, where God meets you exactly where you are and gives you both the permission and the room to live wholeheartedly.

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As a fifty-year-old empty-nester, I am a wife to an adventurous man and stepmom to an adult son who is forging a life of his own. When I'm not working, you can find me engaged in deep conversation with friends, relishing a good cup of coffee, snorting over dad jokes, buried in a good book, snuggling my pup, or researching something just for the fun of it.

While on staff, I wrote three discipleship resources and co-created one video-based study. My desire is that each of these resources not only provides you with robust biblical study but also invites you to encounter and enjoy the care of Christ in some of the most tender and vulnerable areas of your life:

Redeeming Sexuality: Inviting God to Mend Our Fractured Hearts

A Woman’s Words: Getting to the Heart of Our Speech

Body Matters: A Biblical Understanding of the Body and Why It Matters In an Age of Discontent

Shame: Finding Freedom (Video-based study with workbook)

You can connect with me personally on Instagram and Facebook. You can also find additional resources on The Wholehearted Project website

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Creating resources for believers on the journey toward wholeheartedness. Engage the Scripture. Explore your story. Encounter Jesus. Experience hope, healing, and freedom.


Chrystie Cole

Founder of The Wholehearted Project. Follower of Jesus. Bible teacher/Speaker. Writer. Author of Redeeming Sexuality, A Woman's Word, and Body Matters. Co-Creator of the video curriculum Shame: Finding Freedom. Leadership & Discipleship Consultant.